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I have traveled to South Africa three times to visit Kayamandi, a squatter's camp
where close to 30,000  people live in extreme poverty.  Along with projects such as
AIDS education, hospice counselor training, micro-business support, child
sponsorship, bringing shoes, clothes and school supplies, playing games and
sharing Bible stories with the children, the team continues the Photo Legacy Project.
On each trip the team divides into several
small groups, each with a photographer.  
The groups walk through the village, meet
families, are invited into their homes, talk
with them, pray with them and photograph
them.  The people really enjoy having
their photos taken.
However, it is when the group returns
to the homes the next day with the
photos in hand, that the folks really
start to warm up.  After seeing the
group follow through on their word,
relationships of trust begin to form.
As the groups meet families in the village, many
team members choose to sponsor children in
the village who are orphaned or who will soon be
orphaned.  Child sponsorship is provided
Horizon International and is directed by
a woman named Pumla who lives in the village
and who works very closely with each child and
each family. The team is also able to find out
individual needs and connect people with local
resources who can provide continuing food,
clothing, shelter and medical support.
Estimates are 30 to 40% incidence of AIDS in villages like Kayamandi.  For
many of the families, the father has died and left a young mother infected with
AIDS, trying to support her family and care for her children.  Many children are
orphaned because of the high rate of disease.  A family photograph is a simple
and inexpensive gift.  For the families who receive the photos, it is the only legacy
that will be left behind when yet another little boy or girl loses a mom or dad.

The Photo Legacy Project is an easy project to duplicate.  Groups can easily
form teams to replicate and even expand on this idea.  The project would be
simple to reproduce in other villages, other countries and other continents.  
Photos can be printed at a lab or with a small electric or battery powered printer.  
The Photo Legacy Project is a wonderful way to go deeper in the village and
deeper in relationships with families in need.
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Creating Lasting Mementos For Families In Need
Photo Legacy Project founded by Laura Adams