To The Top of The Hill
On one trip through Kayamandi village in South Africa to continue the
Photo Legacy Project, my photo team had an unusual experience.  Our
team was assigned a translator, a local teenage girl, to take us to as
many families as possible, to help us talk with them, photograph them
and pray for them.  Our translator led us through the winding streets of
the village, but did not lead us into homes as we had expected.  I asked
her to take us to homes of people that she knew.  She told us she was
taking us to the top of the hill to see the view.  As a photographer, I love
taking in a beautiful view.  However, I really wanted to be meeting
people and photographing people.  
As we continued what had now become a hike up the hill, Paula
asked the girl, “Where are we going?”  The translator again
explained that she was taking us to the top of the hill to see the
view.  By this time, I was actually growling out loud when the
translator was out of earshot.

We made our way to the top, took our obligatory photos, politely
thanked our guide and headed back down the hill.  As I lagged
behind the group, trying to keep my growls from scaring the
translator, I heard a young girl call to me.  She motioned for me to
come into her home.  I called to the group and they followed me
into the girl’s tiny home.
Her mother had spotted me with my camera out her window.  
She wanted to have her photo taken with her daughters.  I was
thrilled!  As I shot a few photos, I heard a woman on my team
say, “My, what a nice chair you have.  Laura, did you see her
chair?”.  I turned around to look and there sat a wheelchair from
Free Wheelchair Mission based in Irvine, CA!!  The lady waited
patiently as I stood in shock, fighting back tears, humbly realizing
yet again that God is in control, not me.  The woman, unable to
walk, kindly agreed to pose in her wheelchair for more family
photos and then allowed us the privilege of praying for her.
In making this connection, this woman who clearly needed
medical support, will now receive help from the mission
center in Kayamandi.  The program director will look in on
them regularly, helping to connect them to medical services
and other local resources.
As we left this woman's home, we realized we were given the privilege
of seeing the fruits of someone else’s labor, someone who had lovingly
gifted this woman with a durable wheelchair.  I realized my plan is not
always God's plan.  He is good and He provides.  We never found out
how that wheelchair got to the top of that hill in Kayamandi, but we know
it was God who carried us there to demonstrate to us His heart of love
and compassion for families in need.
Katrina, A Year In The Life
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