36 color and 36 black & white prints in a
keepsake photo album, 72 prints total.
 Custom reprints available individually:
               4x6                        $10
               5x7                          20
               8x10                        30
               11x14                      45  
 50+ copies of one image      $1 each
Schedule a photo sitting to update your photographs
Traditional Photo Sitting                             $250
Custom calling cards for kids
18 color and 18 black & white prints in a
keepsake photo album, 36 prints total.
 Maximum two people in sitting.
 Includes one set of 20 kid cards.
Mini Photo Sitting for Kid Cards                $150
Just want a photo for your kid cards, no prints?
Order kid cards for yourself and five of your friends.  
Laura will meet with the group and take individual
photos of each person ordering kid cards.                
 Great for birthday parties and events!
 $20 per person, six people minimum.
 Includes one set of 20 kid cards per person.
Group Photo Sitting                    $20 per person
Great for anyone
who just needs a
few cards.
Click here to
create YOUR
kid cards now.
20 Cards for
Laura Adams will never call, e-mail, IM or in any way contact your child.  
Laura will never sell or give away your child's information to a third party.
Oliver Twist
(714) 343-9513

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